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State Senator Ben Hueso Introduces SR-1007 which calls for Tax Breaks For Retired Service Members

California State Senator Ben Hueso introduces SR-1007 to exempt military retirement pay in California today 14 Feb 2010. This Bill would provide an income tax exemption for military retirees within the state of California after serving 20 years or more in the uniform services. This bill would alleviate financial prudent from out decreasing military retiree population within the state. 

This Bill was announced with the support of the California Military Officers Association of America (CALMOAA), American Legion,, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), San Diego Veterans Coalition (SDVC) and a coalition of military and veteran groups.

Senator Hueso acknowledged that “California is one of nine states who taxes the income of our veterans” and that it is time to do something for our veterans in California. SDMAC and California’s Governors Council reported in 2018 that California is losing approximately 800,000 veterans since 2000. If this bill passes it has the potential of impacting 1.8 million veterans in the state of California.